New! Heavy Duty PRO Series Transmissions

For Those Who Are Serious and Demand More Power

Do you want more torque power? Choose a PRO 2, 3 or 4. Each transmission pack is more powerful than the one purchased and delivered on your vehicle. It is rebuilt with only superior quality fabrication parts for maximum durability. No matter which series you chose, each one will give you the desired power at the right moment or when you are hauling heavy loads. The PRO series exceeds all expectations. It is the toughest product on the market.

Heavy duty transmissions

PRO-2 HP 450 (up to 425 ft.-lbs)

The first step is to ensure your transmission’s durability. We start by installing more clutch packs to increase resistance. Then, we increase the oil pressure on the transmission for a firmer gear shift change. This will enable a faster reaction during the application of the bands and friction plates. This PRO-2 series will give you more power than the original transmission on your vehicle.

PRO-3 HP 500 (up to 500 ft.-lbs)

This heavy duty transmission really meets the standard required for those who work with their vehicles. First of all, we significantly increase the pressure on the transmission. This gives us a firmer gear shift change for High-Energy bands and friction plates that we install. These plates or bands are made from Red or Blue Raybestos series or Z-Pack’s PRO series. Your choice is based on the way you intend to use your transmission. All accumulators and services installed on the transmission are chosen according to the desired gear shift change. We also replace all the rollers and sprags with more resistant and durable elements. Finally, we modify the converter to give it more power and improve its durability.

PRO-3-1 HP 650 (up to 600 ft.-lbs)

This transmission is for competitions or for vehicles that were reprogrammed to increase the power of the motor or transmission. This very sturdy transmission is designed to give extra horse power with a superior torque capacity thanks to its internal components, such as steel-dipped shafts and resistant gears. The oil pressure is increased to the maximum in this unit. We also use bands and friction plates from the Red or Blue Raybestos series or Z-Pack’s Pro series. All accumulators and servos are installed according to the gear shift change desired. In addition, we replace all the rollers and sprags with more resistant and durable elements. We increase the sump capacity to ensure suitable cooling for the transmission. Finally, we assemble the converter by hand by modifying it according to the specifications of the transmission’s motor. This PRO-3 is one of the toughest units on the market and is built to work hard!

Many Other Models Available

  • PRO-4 HP 1050
  • 48 RE 450 HP and up
  • C4C6 450 HP and up
  • 5R110 450 HP and up
  • 4R100 450 HP and up
  • TH350 450 HP and up
  • TH400 450 HP and up
  • POWER GLIDE 450 HP to 2500 HP
  • 700R4 4L60E 450 HP to 1050 HP

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